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Challenge: WHO Are You?

Teaching this story makes you really appreciate housewives

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The husband tells the psychologist how the days of her and his wife are different

The psychologist asks, "What are you doing, Mr. Virtanen?" The husband answers: "I work with Online Marketplace"

Psychologist: "What about your wife?" Husband: "She does not work, my wife is a housewife."

The psychologist ponders for a moment, and suddenly asks, "Who are you doing for breakfast?" Husband: "My wife, because he does not have to go to work."
Psychologist: "When did your wife wake up?" Husband: "Early because everything has to be done. She puts kids in bed, making sure they are dressed neatly and serves them for breakfast. He also feeds the baby and replaces it with the diapers and clothing. "

Psychologist: "How are your children going to school?" Husband: "My wife takes them by car because she does not work."

Psychologist: "When he has taken children to school, what will he do next?" Husband: "He does come up with something to do. He may go to a post, handle our affairs, or visit a grocery store to make a week's groceries. At home, he feeds the baby, replaces the nappies and puts on the napkin. Then he cleans the kitchen and laughed. Just because he has no job. "

Psychologist: "In the evening when you return home from work, what are you doing?" Husband: "I'm gone, of course. I'm so tired after a long day. "
Psychologist:" Imagine what your wife does? "Husband:" He makes the whole family dinner, a table and serving food. Then he will collect the dishes and wash them. Then he helps the children with their homework and takes them for an evening wash, panties them, reads the nightclub and lets them sleep. When we go to bed we have agreed that she wakes up at night to feed a weeping baby because she does not have to get up in the morning to go to work. "

And story teaching? Many house wives still have a full working day at home, from early morning to late night, with little sleep. Everyone should appreciate how much they do at home.

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