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Take It Easy – “Bad Mom” Life Hacks July 28, 2016

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We’ve all said it…”I’m the worst mom because…” We’ve all been there.

The premiere of Bad Moms, which is sure to be a hilariously funny movie, has gotten us thinking about how we survive this crazy ride that is motherhood. No truer words have been spoken about being a mom: it is the best and most rewarding job, but also the hardest. In today’s society, there’s so much mommy guilt and shaming and so much pressure to be the PERFECT mom, wife, employee, homemaker, friend, etc. How can you be all things to all people? How can you possibly get everything done? How can everything be expected to be Instagram & Pinterest perfect? In reality, it’s not possible. But, with a little knowledge and insight from other parents, we can certainly try to make things simpler and easier!

Cue, life hacks! What are they?! Life hacks are techniques or tools that are intended to make life easier and more efficient, which is EXACTLY what every mom needs! We need things to be simpler sometimes, okay, most of the time!

What are the mom hacks that keep you sane and keep your family organized and running smoothly?! We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorites below.

Hacks to Help Avoid Being a “Bad Mom:”

1. Not a real Betty Crocker?! Is baking not your thing? Go semi-homemade! Buy cupcakes or cake at the grocery store and jazz them up at home! Sprinkles, icing, candy, etc. Serve them on one of your platters or trays and no one will be the wiser! Or, try putting store bought cookies in a sandwich baggie and tying a ribbon around it — nothing says homemade more than that! Think school bake sale or birthday party goodie bag!

2. Need a last minute costume?! It’s Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character day at school – what do you do when you finally remember the morning of?! Get creative, find things around the house and remember it is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! This actually happened to me; I made a piggy costume in 10 minutes and I am the furthest thing from creative!

3. No cold wine on hand and you are hosting girls night? Keep some frozen grapes in your freezer and add them to the wine glasses. They will chill the wine without watering it down and they look fancy!

4. With all the summer holidays and festivities, sparklers are a big hit with kids, however, they are also extremely hot and can burn a child easily. Poke a hole in the bottom of a Solo cup and stick the sparkler through before lighting. The cup protects little hands and fingers!

5. Soccer or baseball mom? Keep a bag with snacks and an extra blanket in the car, so you are never stranded! Hungry kids, no seats left, no bleachers, long games = no bueno! Or, if you’re like us this summer, our kids have had a lot of late nights at BBQ’s or parties and end up falling asleep on the way home. Keep a spare pair of PJ’s in your car, too, so if you’re out late, you can change them before the ride, making for a smoother transition to bed!

6. Traveling to a theme park or fair? Well, it is that time of year! Write your name & cell phone on your child’s arm and put Liquid Bandage over it. It will keep it from smudging or running and in an emergency or if your child is lost, the authorities will know how to get in touch with you. Instruct your kids what to do if lost: stay where you are, find a mom with a stroller or a person that works at a cash register. Those are people who are most likely harmless and will be willing to help.

7. School Forms – Make xerox copies of all redundant forms and add child’s name in later. This way you avoid having the rewrite the same information for more than one child!

8. Schedules – Take a picture on your phone of all sports, school, PTO, etc meetings and dates so you always have them on hand.

9. Sick of scrubbing all parts of your blender? Then, don’t! Just add a little soap and water to the blender when you are finished making your morning smoothie and run it on “Mix” for 30 seconds and rinse! Voila, a clean blender with minimal effort! Make sure to use HOT water and occasionally throw it in the dishwasher!

10. Cosi Family & ArtKive App – We all struggle with calendars, schedules, lists, what artwork to keep or toss. I tend to be a heavy tosser and my kids prefer to keep everything. You’ve probably heard this a million times, but there are apps that allow you to do this easily!

11. Amazon Prime – Anything you forget about can be purchased and shipped quickly! Need a last minute gift? Can’t get out of the house? Realize you forgot to pick up something? Amazon Prime will deliver to you for FREE in just two days. Prime members also get FREE Same-Day Delivery on over a million items when shipping to selected metro areas across the US!

12. Dental floss in the kitchen?! Yup! You can use unwaxed, unflavored floss to make even, precise cuts in cakes, cheese and even burritos!

See some of these hacks in action on today’s Better Connecticut segment!

Never fear! We’re all in this together! We’d love to hear some of your best hacks! Send them along!

-Johanna and Monica

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