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Sweet and Fun Nursery Decor Ideas You Will Love

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When welcoming your little one into the world may seem like it's taking forever there is so much to do in the meantime! One of the more exciting things you can do is to start putting your baby's nursery together. There are so many options to choose from whether you want a fresh, modern feel or a traditional nursery room. No matter the style there is something out there for you and your little one, here are some tips and ideas to consider when planning your baby's nursery.

Choose a Theme

Starting with a theme for the room can make the rest of the decisions surrounding decor easier to make- don't be afraid to get creative! Traditional styles include soft hues of pinks and yellows for girls and blues and greens for boys but it's fun to throw out the rule-book and do something different. How about an artsy bohemian theme for a girl with bright colors or a Harry Potter themed room for a little boy? The possibilities are endless. If there isn't a specific theme you want to go for even choosing a few colors to keep as a constant throughout the room can feel unique and special. For the first few months, your baby will be sleeping most of the time anyway so don't be afraid to do something you love too!

Accessorize the room

Have your basic idea figured out? Now comes the fun part- accessorizing! If you choose a theme, choose accessories that go with it. Then, look into nursery furniture matched with baby accessories. If you're working with a room lighter in shade, for example, you might want white furniture to keep it bright or you may want to go with a darker color or wood to provide some contrast and make the colors pop.


One of the most exciting parts of watching the nursery room come together is seeing paint on the walls! Whether you want bright bursts of color or a soft, classic feel, painting makes the room come to life.

Get crafty with DIY's

Take a look at some nurseries that are creating a look similar to what you want and see what pieces you can create yourself. This can be fun, pass time, and add extra-special meaning to the space. If you create art for the room, for example, that is something your child can keep their entire life. Sentiment can provide the sweetest touch. A baby blanket, family photo, or stuffed animal can be saved and cherished for life. If you aren't crafty, taking time to find those items that feel special to you is just as good!

Washable wallpaper

This one needs no explanation. After your little one starts crawling around and gets bit by the creativity bug, washable wallpaper will end up paying for itself.

Design it to help you!

This one is all about you and making newborn life easier. Take care arranging the room in such a way that it becomes a helper to you. For instance, you could put the changing table by the dresser in case of a messy emergency where you need new diapers, changing supplies, and clothes fast! You can put a rocking chair next to a lamp with soft lighting in the event you need are there for a little while and need to easily turn things down. You might want the crib next to the changing table for late-night diaper changes. Little things like this can go a long way so take your time and give it some thought. The more you can cater to yourself now, the easier it will be later on.

Have fun!

Remember, the most important aspect of all of this is that you have fun creating a space both you and your child are going to feel comfortable in. Take your time and enjoy the process so when you bring your new family home, you can cherish every moment.

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