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Superbowl Game Day: Fun Toddler Activity Ideas

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The big game is here and while adults look forward to cheering on their favorite team, there are so many ways our kids can join in the festivities too, even if they have to go to bed before the first pass is thrown! Below are some great ways to create a kid-friendly game day experience that takes minimal effort and works on any budget:

Dress Up in Support

No matter what age you are, there is something fun about sporting your team’s apparel, especially on game day. Even if your littles do not have anything specific to that team, just dressing them in the corresponding colors will make your kids feel proud and part of the big event.

Pendant Crafts

Making pendants in celebration of your team is easy! Parents can pre-cut construction paper in a triangle shape and then write your teams name on it - the rest is up to your kids! Crayons, markers, glitter, stickers - whatever you have available for them to use to decorate their pendants will be great! Hang the finished pieces up for decoration or stick to your front door and welcome your guests to the party with your child’s team-supportive artwork!

Pregame Toss

Kids are active and hands on. One of the best ways to celebrate game day is to have a mini game beforehand! Whether going outside and throwing the ball around or filling up a balloon with air and pretending inside (to prevent things from breaking with real balls), it’s a great family activity everyone can participate in. Also, it helps teach kids the rules of the game which can add to the excitement when the main event starts later.


Take an empty plastic bottle and have your kids fill it half way with some dry beans or even sprinkles! Help them put the top back on let the shaking begin! Lilladu Tip: Tape the top of the bottle down to prevent your toddler from opening it up and making a big mess.

Game Time Food

So many great opportunities to make kid-friendly food on game day. Since big games generally start around dinner time, you can throw an easy pizza party by making dough in advance and letting kids put on whatever toppings they would like. While this is a fun activity, it is also cheaper than ordering delivery! Other great food choices include guacamole, sliders, and more (check out our blog on hiding veggies in foods for great recipes that will work on any game menu and will be healthy too!). Oh, and don’t forget appetizers like kid-tastic nachos (chips, cheese and hot dogs, broil and serve... yum).

End Zone Dance Off

Who dances better, your family or the pros? Get ready to laugh and cheer as your kids show off their best end zone dance moves every time there is a touchdown. Bonus points to any parents who show their dance skills along side their littles.

Points Scored, Activities Required

Sitting through a professional game is hard even for adults and for kids it’s nearly impossible. To keep littles interested, have them complete an activity every time there is a score. 7 Laps around the house for a touchdown, 3 for a field goal, etc. They can also do jumping jacks, twirls, or any other activity your child enjoys doing repetitively in the space provided. Timing wise, this fun activity works great because usually commercials run after every score, so adults are not missing the game and your kids will enjoy the motion and attention.

Game Day Desserts

Kids love baking and what easier way of including your littles in the festivities than by making football sugar cookies? Let your kids roll out the dough and then use a football-shaped cookie cutter to punch out cookies. Bake and decorate with icing and sprinkles or serve as is for a winning dessert!

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