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Suggestions for Autism Treatments

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Autism treatments have been created to help the person but there are no cures as of yet for anyone who suffers with Autism. The problem lies in the fact that while one treatment might work well for some people who are Autistic but it may not help other Autistic patients. There are multiple suggestions for Autism treatments that people have used and gotten some good results.

Nutritional Autism Treatments

  • Vitamin B-12 shots are recommended for use with patients who have autism. Vitamin B-12 used for Autism Treatment has shown that it helps patients who have folic acid deficiency, which is found in celiac disease.
  • Magnesium is helpful sometimes but it has also been known to cause increased agitation. Magnesium that is both intravenous magnesium and intramuscular can be used as an Autism treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen for Autism Treatment

The autoimmune system has caused rise to reasoning that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for those who have Autism is very beneficial. Autism treatments are related to those who have autoimmune disorders and since Hyperbaric Oxygen has helped others with this problem, it has been used as one of the newer Autism treatments.

Antibiotic Use for Autism Treatments

There are case studies that have showed where children who were treated with the use of antibiotic drugs such as metronidazole have had a remarkable improvement with Autism. There are a series of steps that the patient goes through before improvement begins after which the patient seems to find that their child had a remarkable recovery. The child was able to function like normal doing the things that a child would do that were age appropriate. While metronidazole antibiotics are still in the study stage it seems that this is the closet results in giving a child Autism treatments that actually work.

Autism Treatments Summary

The above suggested Autism treatments are just a few of many that are suggested. It is always advisable to check with your physician who specializes in Autism treatments in order to know what the best solution is for your child. Many people who have children with Autism know about the different treatments offered but realize that their child may not be able to undergo some of the treatment methods for one reason or the other. It is never advisable to assume an Autism treatment have the potential to help your child with their autistm and worth exploring.

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