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Stressing over sick kiddos

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Let's face it, having a sick child is difficult.
I feel bad for them. I wish I could make it all better.. Well.. News flash.. I can.. IF I can remember to give them their medicine, how much to give, and if I ever even gave it to them that day at breakfast.. or was that 2 days ago.. Cause I could've swore they were wearing that lime green shirt that I meant to throw away.. Oh yea the trash, I think the garbage man comes today. Today. Oh wait what's today? Crap I forgot to wash their spirit shirts they were all suppose to wear. Wait.. Spirit.. The girls have cheer tonight so we get to go out for dinner, at least I won't have to figure that out. Now what was it I was doing? Oh yea. I think I wrote it down this time. Where is that paper? I know I wrote it down. Did someone see that paper? "Mom, is it the one Abby's using as a fortune teller?" "Yes that's it, I'm sure. "Well she traded that on the bus for a piece of gum."

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