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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

Stop Making New Year's Resolutions

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“My New Year’s resolution is to start going to the gym and lose weight.”

“My New Year’s resolution is to drink less alcohol.”

“My New Year’s resolution is to unplug more.”

“My New Year’s resolution is to be more present for my children.”


Blah to the freakin’ blah.

I’ve heard it all before and Lord knows that I have said it before; each and every year for about the past 6 years or so.


I am making the conscious choice to discontinue the ridiculously unfulfilling pattern of behavior that involves me setting myself up for failure year after year after year.

However, I am not ready to jump on the “I’m too high on myself so I don’t need a resolution bandwagon” either. Nope. So, where’s the middle ground? Where does the almighty balance lie between setting resolutions to attain perfection, and simply accepting and owning your downfalls?

I don’t have the answer. Sucks, right? But not really, because I do have my own solution and it is going to work for me this year, of that I am confident.

Here’s my thinking:

Merriam-Webster defines a “New Year’s resolution” as “a promise to do something differently in the new year” and a general resolution as “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc.”

BUT, what if we drop the promise. Yep, we will call that step 1: Don’t promise anything to yourself or anyone.

Step 2 is not to do something differently, but to keep doing the same stuff you have been doing — but only the good stuff. Keep making the right choices, keep exuding positive vibes, and keep being the awesome, unique person that comes so easily to you each and every day.

Last is step 3, and all it involves is for you to be the answer instead of finding it. You will not improve by going to the gym more and leaving your phone in a different room during dinner time. Those actions are not the answer. The answers to being healthier and more present are in your mindset as a whole; your entire lease on life and happiness will be your “answer”, not your periodic actions here and there.

You think I’m full of it, or do you think this will work? I guess I can’t see how not promising myself advancement towards perfection could affect me negatively. In fact, I believe and contend that mere self-awareness and perspective is a more desirable achievement, and one that I plan to maintain in 2018.

2018, well, its going to be the year for LOVE — self-love, loving my children, loving my husband and loving each and every crazy minute that will make up this new year.


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