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Stay-at-home moms deserve their COVID-19 vaccines, too

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Stay at home moms don't qualify for their COVID-19 vaccines ... yet.

Many of us have no underlining qualifiers, we don't work with the public every day and the majority of us are pretty young and in good health.

Yet, moms are arguably the most important and needed members of our community outside of the frontline workers.

Many of us, myself included, have to go out in public almost every day. We do all the things, including but not limited to school drop-offs, grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, etc. We are constantly exposed to the possibility of contracting COVID-19, but we are going to be among the very last of the population to receive our vaccines.

Yet again, society places us at the back of the line because we work an underappreciated job. I guess just being a mom isn't important enough.

Additionally, let's not count the number of times my kids and my husband have been exposed to COVID-19 and we've all been forced to quarantine. Or how I can't see my 85-year-old grandmother because I'm the last in the family to get the shot. Or how our family vacation this spring may be put on hold because I haven't been able to get it yet either. Or how my household would be in total disarray for weeks if I were to get COVID.

SAHMs (and SAHDs) deserve their vaccines, too.

We shouldn't have to wait until May 1 or whenever our local, state and federal governments deem us worthy enough of it.

We should have been among the teachers, child care providers and anyone else who works closely with children. We are child care providers, we just don't get paid for it!

So now I wait ...

Because yet again #SAHMS aren't important enough ... yet again ...

By: Britt LeBoeuf of

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