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Spring Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Windows

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Now that spring has sprung and the bitterness of winter has left us for a while, many of us are opening up our windows to let in the fresh spring air, only to find that the extreme winter weather has taken its toll on them. Older windows typically struggle to regulate to heat and cool, so the weather outside greatly impacts what is experienced on the inside, as well as effecting the costs associated with your utility bill.

Perhaps your windows are stuck or not opening and closing easily. Perhaps they are not staying open without being propped open. Perhaps they are clouded with condensation or extremely drafty. Whatever the case maybe, spring is one of the best times to replace your old windows with high efficiency vinyl replacement windows. If your home’s windows have weathered one too many Colorado winters, but you’re uncertain if you should replace them this spring or wait, here are a few things you should consider.


Replacing your windows exposes your home to the elements while the new windows are installed. As a result, most replacement window contractors find that late spring and early summer are the ideal time of year in Colorado for homeowners to replace their windows. The moderate spring temperatures mean you won’t experience uncomfortable temperature swings without relief and there is less chance of precipitation affecting your home, since you will experience a period of time with no windows in your home as installation occurs. In addition, replacing your windows in the spring ensures a fairly comfortable experience for your installation technicians.

Other benefits include ideal temperatures for caulk to set after installation, the new windows will offer improved circulation inside your home and you will have better seals around your windows. New windows will function smoothly, which allows fresh air to circulate; the newly installed seals also help to retain air conditioning in order to reduce cooling loss and energy costs.

Key Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Replacing inefficient windows addresses window issues related to homes settling and shifting, or windows that have been damaged. Reasons to replace windows in the spring include:

  • Energy Inefficiency – After a cold and wet winter with leaky or otherwise inefficient windows, spring is an ideal time to replace your windows before the heat of summer sets in and you spend hundreds on wasted energy if your windows don’t function at maximum capacity.
  • Aesthetics– New windows will increase the curb appeal of your home. With clear panes and a new appearance, your house will look more updated, as well as appear more energy efficient. This could look very appealing to potential buyers, as well as allow you to take more pride in your home.
  • Maintenance – Once your new windows are installed, warmer weather allows you to address any maintenance issues that may arise with such a transition before they become a problem. And ongoing maintenance will be easy due to the condition of your windows!

Spring season may be a great time to install new windows, but the benefits will be year-round for years to come.

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