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Sorry-not-sorry summer break is over

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I am sorry not sorry summer break is coming to an end. In fact, I dread the calendar slowly rolling toward June in the first place. As a work-from-home mom, summer beginning equals the dreaded wake up at 7 am to secure camp sign ups, the chess game of lining up rotating babysitters and my organized schedule coming to an abrupt stop.

Maybe I should be like the other social media parents who neatly plan their summer bucket lists or the mom that replies with “yay, school’s out!” to every email. But that is not me. Summer for me is simply taking things one week at a time just trying to survive while balancing work and family.


Don’t get me wrong, we do make time for pool trips and some small vacations. But unlike a tour guide, I don’t have an itinerary most days. So my kids may have more screen time than I care to admit and an endless supply of Bunch o Balloons for solo backyard entertainment. And I am okay with it.

So if you are a parent or caregiver like me who peers around the corner at your local Target anticipating that BBQ aisle slowly transitioning into a magical wonderland of scissors, glue sticks and three-ring binders, I get you. I am you. Just know your good friend August has arrived and order will return soon. Yay, school’s back in session!

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