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Sometimes I Forget

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Sometimes I forget.

While I’m busy managing the constant chaos of multiple kids, multitasking school and work, washing your dirty clothes, picking up the nonstop messes, mountains of dishes and crumb trails, driving back and forth to 8,547 extracurriculars, making sure you’re fed, bathed, homework is done and you’re sleeping soundly.

Sometimes I forget.

I forget as the days pass.
So does the time I have with you.
Of you being little.
Little enough to care about mama.
Little enough to play and imagine and dream.
Little enough to believe.

Sometimes I forget
I forget to stop and breathe in the moments.
To laugh at your ridiculous jokes.
To admire your enormous imagination.
To watch you play and join in.
To smell the top of your head.

Sometimes I forget.
I forget you’re growing with each passing day.

Sometimes I forget.
But then I remember.

I smelled your head tonight.

Love & Hugs,
Nicki, Momming all the Boys ❤️

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