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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

​Sometimes I feel like the worst mom

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Sometimes I feel like the worst mom.

I know I’m not.

But I also know there’s way better out there than me.

Moms who don’t rush their kids.
Moms who don’t lose their patience so quickly.
Moms who can cook and cook well.
Moms who are always down to play.
Moms who are fully present and never distracted.
Moms who don’t yell at their kids.
Moms who always remember to think before they speak.
Moms who only use positive parenting techniques.
Moms who don’t get flustered.
Moms who don’t deal anxiety.
Moms who aren’t so quick to explode (or cry).
Moms who always say “yes” to
one more story,
one more episode,
and one more cookie.
Moms who don’t forget that a kid, acting like a kid, isn’t a personal attack aimed at her.

Moms who don’t make as many mistakes as me.

Sometimes I feel like the worst mom.

I know I’m not.

How do I know?

Because my kids tell me.

They speak encouraging words to me most any chance they get.

They see a mama drowning in motherhood and all of its responsibilities and they throw out verbal lifelines of positive and uplifting talk and pull me back to reality.

‘Cause the reality is this -

if you’re a mother whose kids welcome and pounce on any opportunity to build you up,

you’re getting something right.

Not everything.

But some things.

The important things.

And that’s enough.

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