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Challenge: WHO Are You?

I am somebody's mother

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I have shouldered the full weight of motherhood. You know, the days that are heavy and leave us exhausted. The hours upon hours that require our constant attention and drain us of every bit of energy. The weeks and months where we wonder if we will ever remember anything other than the lyrics to every Disney theme song.

And I’ve wondered who I was.

Was I even the same girl that started this life with a head full of dreams and an open road of opportunity?

The world had shown me all I could be. The sky was the limit, go to college, get a great job, become somebody!


Oh how I wanted that. How, I wanted to be somebody. Anybody, really.

Insterad of climbing a corporate ladder, I found myself drowning in diapers and laundry. The first baby came and then another. And then another. And then another. Until I found myself surrounded by them.

For years I thought I didn’t become anyone at all, I’m just a girl washing the same load of laundry I wash every. single. day.

But today, I realized I have become a somebody, I’m somebody’s mother.

I have become the worlds best afternoon story teller.

I know how to swaddle a baby so tight that he will sleep a solid eight hours.

I am an expert in toddler lingo. I can translate sentences and groans and cries.

I am the best finder in the whole house, if you lose it, mommy can find it.

I know which pants will make my daughter cry and which T-shirt will make her smile.

I know how just how high to fill the cup so my son won’t spill it.

I know which child needs and extra hug and which one prefers a little space.

I know when to stand firm and when it’s okay to show a little mercy.

I have become a mother. I have become their mother.

And it has been an absolute honor.

While some days I still dream of being somebody, I am perfectly happy if that’s just somebody’s mother.

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