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Some Reasons Why Children Love Shopkins

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All kids around the world like Shopkins that are pretty adorable. However, older don’t understand them. What are they? What do they do?

Shopkins is line of tiny plastic toys of Moose Toys, they have the size of your thumb or smaller. Little children like to collect them and trade them with their classmates and friends.

1. They are quite cheap

Many children invest in collecting the rare collectibles. They can spend $2 on a Shopkin store or $5 for a two-pack. With their allowance, they can buy shopkins if they are the right age.

2. They save space

Because their size as your thumb or smaller, so you can place them anywhere in your house without taking up space. Shopkins can go over to friends' houses in a small pocket. They are better than stuffed animal. However, many people complaint that they are easy to lose, but they are also easy to find.

3. They are the lesser of evils

Maybe Shopkins are not being educational, but they are less annoying than many toys these days, they encourage children imaginative play. They don't need batteries, they can't talk, they don't play into stereotypes and they don't require play a big group.

4. They are cute

I rarely like cute things, but Shopkins change your mind, they are pretty adorable. Little cookies and tiny milk containers with cute faces, all of them are cute.


5. They are suitable for children of all ages

I remembered that, my daughter brought Shopkins to my grandmother’s 90th birthday party. At this time she was four years old. There was a girl who was nine year old she also brought a bag full of Shopkins. She and my daughter played with them together. They can be different in their interest in the toys and what are they doing with them, but they had much fun while playing with Shopkins. In recent years, children love brings themed Shopkins in the party.

6. Shopkins bring the element of surprise

As you know, children like an element of surprise when opening a gift. Shopkins can bring a surprise for them when they are in “blind bags” unless you buy the larger play sets. When kids are received a present, they will don't know what it is in the present, it provides them an opportunity to open a present and experience that thrill.

7. They are easy to stockpile

Because of the cost and their size, you will have a treat with Shopkins. You are going to have a trip, put Shopkins in a foil bag; it is easy to pack away in your pocket. You can buy them sale, save them away and make a gift for your child birthday party. You will be the best mom.

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