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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

Social media is a beautiful place (if you dig a little)

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They say what you seek, you find. In today’s world, we don’t do all that much seeking. TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat; Facebook (excuse me, Meta), YouTube, and VSCO… We are over-stimulated and over-worked. We rarely sit with boredom or feel the need to engage our imaginations as we did in the pre-internet days. Entertainment is always one click, like, swipe or face-ID away. Simply open your device-of-choice and hours upon hours of thoughtless scrolling await!

Social media is filled with enough mindless, brain-cell-sucking, time-wasting (albeit entertaining enough) videos, posts and status updates to keep your mind occupied and overstimulated for days-on-end. It is easy to get sucked-in to the dark abyss that is social media.

There are, however, some great things out there in the world of screens and scrolling, too. You may have to dig a little, but trust me, it's out there! It can be used to spread good cheer, model inspirational and good behavior and celebrate all that is good in this crazy world. I have decided to take note of the wholesome, good, kind and heartwarming stories that are hidden deep in the chaos of the world of social media. It is love, positivity and inspiration I seek, and I sure did find it....

Ice Cream is Expensive These Days


How could he say no to this adorable offer? I love you, Andrew. You are making the world a better place.

5th Grade is a Scary Place Afterall


Jacob, a fifth grade student from BASIS Independent Manhattan, took it upon himself to help his classmates organize their lockers and navigate the hard-to-open combination locks this fall. He decided to be of service to his classmates. Just because his heart is big and warm. God bless you, Jacob, and don’t stop helping others.

Words are Powerful


Kyra, and her classmates at Big Blue Marble Academy in Gilbert, South Carolina have been crafting bookmarks with hand-written, inspirational quotes in their free time. These bookmarks are being shared with the local library and given out to patrons as a surprise, inspirational (and practical) gift. Who doesn’t need a reminder to “be happy, be bright, be you?” Great job, Kyra and friends!

A Helping Hand


Sweet, sweet Hunter. While staying at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida, young guest Hunter noticed his server, Joni, had a broken finger. Hunter took it upon himself to help Joni bus tables that evening and again the next morning… I mean, really? Does it get any more heartwarming than that? Well, yes, actually it does. Because Joni was touched and decided to express her gratitude. When Hunter arrived home, he had received a surprise package from Joni and The Ritz Carlton, complete with an official name tag and a warm welcome to the Ritz Carlton family! Sounds like he made a return trip and was reunited with Joni this past fall.

You Never Know What Someone Else Is Going Through

No description needed. Teachers are angels.


The next time you are aimlessly scrolling and stumble across a heartwarming story of love, light and hope, be sure to share it-- with your friend, spouse or moody teen. Because that which we choose to give power to will prevail and direct us. I choose kindness, love, compassion and goodness.

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