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Smart Tech and Keeping the Little Monsters Safe...

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I work running my own online super store and bricks and mortar business with so I know my technology. I am constantly dealing with customers and lasing with business for more stock so I like to keep that ethos with my children.

As a basic guide, we are going to look into the various ways we can utilise the latest Technologies to keep older children entertained and safe while monitoring and checking on the younger little monsters Lol!

Traditional Baby Monitors

Baby monitors have evolved over the years and are now more technically advanced than ever before. You could track goings on with your mobile device Ie, your mobile phone, talk directly to them and even make sure the room temperature is safe (and or adjust it) for them if this is a concern to you as a parent.

These days there are a variety of different technologies you can choose from to accomplish this and other objectives from remote cameras on phones or laptops all are feasible and usable to operate from your Mobile Device, Laptop or IPad to name a few interactive devices.

Smart weighing Technologies

Some smart weighing tech is also usable to keep monitoring your baby's weight even. Opinions range from keeping a track on the development of baby’s growth to making sure you as a parent are constantly watching over the child. We have all heard of the nightmare version of the nasty babysitter and in fact devices such as these have indeed been used to convict some of the culprits by catching them “red-handed” in the throws of harming children unnecessarily. Even if you are unsure about who is watching your child there are foolproof ways to make sure the little monsters are safe (Joke.)

As pointed out there is no longer a need to wait for appointments with the healthcare professionals to keep track of babies weight when you can check at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world these days. These devices are simple to use and idiot proof in the bargain.

There are even versions for adults who are concerned about their own weight loss or gain. It’s all out there these days if you really look.

Smart Devices

In the same way, you might lose your keys you can add devices to these and children's favourite teddy bear in case they should get thrown out of the pram without you seeing it. After all the last thing you want is to get hose and little Timmy screams the place down as he has not got his bestest teddy at bed time.

By simply attaching a tracker to the offending object is a safer option if you think it is that vital to do so but at the end of the day, these things are available for you to pick up and utilise for any of the detailed purposes.

Simply by attaching a smart tracker to the object, child's clothes toys or any other item you are sure to be able to locate it, them or other super fast. How many children wander off at a young age and get lost from mommy as I know I did on a regular basis age 5 Lol. The trackers these days are totally versatile and innocuous to use without the chile even knowing his new Tedd bage you just pinned on his is a functioning tracking system.

In the same way, as detailed there are other things that can be used in the case of school bullying. Recording devices can capture the audio (or visual) attacks for proof for the school head teacher and so on. All these things are there ready to be used for numerous applications with ease it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish and why. You can even rely on it to stop you forgetting stuff on the way out of the house or losing your purse, wallet or any other item. Truly versatile stuff people.

Light shows

Baby’s are obviously renown for not wanting to sleep but in a parent makes the sleeping experience kool with a light projector, you might find the whole sleeping thing is fascinating to little Johnny sending him effortlessly off to the land of nod while helping him/her to relax watching the amazing light show! Additionally, there are units now that play music, nursery rhymes and other such recordings of your choice so the sky is the limit as to the one you want to choose from.

Gadgets and technical toys

Smart toys are on the rise as well. We all remember the “speak and spell” from all those years age well today's range is far superior the those and especially if you are trying to educate Jhonny about smart technologies it’s going to be a good idea to help him learn about these things while he’s still young. After All, it’s all about getting the little “rugrat” ;-) to get up to speed with these things in the same way we got used to computers at school.

Computer Tech

The older children can also experiment with toys like the Raspberry Pi which is basically a hard drive where you can store hundreds of video games and files they can experiment with over time or upload to a secure safe server we use

. While teaching the basics of computer programming they get used to the “how to do” aspects of technologies. Whether Johnny wants to program his robot or create an autopilot for his drone, these this are all possible with a little experimentation to play with. If there are any question for you or your young ones, today we just have to google it or check out “how to” on YouTube but anything is possible so go play and experiment for yourself! Great fun for all the family Lol.

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