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Challenge: Sleep Solutions

Sleeping with a Toddler Sucks

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Turns out, there is a disconnect between the imagined sweetness of sleeping with your darling three-year old boy and the reality of sleeping with your real three-year old boy.

Recently, while visiting my in-laws, I came upstairs to see the lovemush that comes from witnessing my husband and my son, snuggled:


And so of course, I imagine sweet, sweet sleeping with my husband and our son, between us. After all, they were so comfy looking. So perfect, and amazing. We'd all dream together, I thought.


But instead, I had my son's head smushing my boobs and I couldn't breathe:


And him hugging my neck, saying "Get closer, Mommy, I'm scared." And so, I did, because, love. And not breathing, and smushable boobs sacrificed for the sleep of a three-year-old:


Him laughing, while my husband slept, and I didn't. Our son, sitting on my head, laughing, while I just wanted him to sleep for f*** sake:



And, finally, he slept. Dreamed the dreams of three-year-olds. Full of imagined peace and french fries. Whatever, his foot, in my face…


His feet, in my nose. And yet, I love the little guy, more than anything ever. Foot in my face and in my ear, I'm thankful that he sleeps.

Finally. For eff’s sake.

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