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Six steps for packing for vacation when you have kids

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Six steps of packing for vacation when you have kids:


Step 1 - Retrieve suitcases from basement, crawl space, attic or any other hard-to-reach dank space.

Step 2 - Unzip suitcases and find the ________ that you assumed was lost from last year's vacation. (In our case, it's usually a pair of kid's underwear or a hairbrush.)

Step 3 - Look at the list you made and wonder why you thought making a list would make this task less daunting. Put list down and start unloading random items from each room in your house until your bedroom looks like an episode of hoarders.

Step 4 - Continue to give kids snacks, dress them up in Halloween costumes, referee sibling fights and act as technical support for all of their gaming issues because they are clueless to the fact that you are packing for vacation and DON'T HAVE TIME FOR ANY OF THIS!

Step 5 - Mistakenly ask kids to gather one or two toys to pack for the trip and instantly regret that decision as they carry their entire toy chest downstairs crying.

Step 6 - When husband gets home explain why nothing is packed, the house is a mess and everyone is crying. Watch him pack his suitcase in five minutes.

Step 7 - Repeat steps 3 and 4 until it's time to go. You will know it's time to go when everyone is frowning by the door waiting for you and none of you are on speaking terms anymore.

Have fun!

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