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Simple Ways To Improve Meal Times With Your Child

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You don’t want to feel stressed when you sit down to eat meals with your child. It’s a shame they don’t make it very easy for you. Your child is too young to know how desperate you are to relax. If you don’t do something you’ll have to keep struggling.

There are a few ways to keep your child under control. They’ll start eating vegetables with a big smile on their face. Food won’t end up flying off the table in every direction. Let’s discuss the tactics you’ll need to start using.

1. Get Your Child Involved In The Process

I bet you think twice when someone puts a plate of food in front of you. Your child has to go through that every single day of their life. Also, they know you’ll make them something else if they cause a scene.

You need to get them involved in the cooking process. If you ask them to help you prepare their meals they won’t cause trouble. How can they kick up a fuss about something they’ve worked on themselves?

2. Kids Should Come To The Table Hungry

Stop letting your child eat snacks during the day. I know they’ll be desperate to get their hands on chocolate, but don’t give it to them. You’ll also need to convince everyone in your family to stop it.

If your child stuffs their face with snacks they won’t want to eat healthy foods. In fact, it will be impossible if their belly is full. If they do want a little treat you should make them wait until after dinner.

3. Make Sure The Screens Are Switched Off

They say young people are on the verge of a mental health crisis because they spend too long in front of screens. It’s fair to say your child might have an addiction. You won’t be able to get them to sit still.

Your child will refuse to eat if they need to post on Facebook. Force them to sit at the table and it won’t be pretty. Instead, you’ll have to slowly get them to understand screens must be switched off during meals.

4. Always Let Them Decide How Much To Eat

Parents have a habit of telling their children how much to eat. Some kids aren’t allowed to leave the table until every last piece of food is gone. It’s a good way to teach your child they should hate meals.

Let them decide how much they want to eat. If they don’t usually eat a lot give them a small portion of food. Give them seconds if they’re still hungry. If you don’t force anything on them it will be more relaxing for you.

5. Learn How To Use A Blender Effectively

Unless you’re really lucky your child won’t eat every vegetable you put on their plate. Luckily there will be a few they’ll eat without throwing a tantrum. Keep serving them up on a regular basis.

You’ll need to feed them vegetables they don’t like too. It’s important they get all their vitamins and minerals. Find out about blenders somewhere like The Juzz and you can complete your mission without a crying match.

It Gets Easier As They Get Older

You might find mealtimes stressful now, but it does get easier with each passing year. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to help your situation now. Follow these tips and meals will become more enjoyable.

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