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Challenge: Happy Birthday!

Simple is Best

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When our son was 6 months old, I had people asking me what was I doing for his first birthday. I panicked, like most first times moms probably do. He was only 6 months old! I thought how hard could it be to throw together a cake, a couple of balloons and send out an invite. Of course, I turned to my trusty friend, Pinterest, which sent me into a total frenzy. I had entered a world of cake smashes, high chair ribbon skirts, party themed food, and endless other ideas. Who can really make a party look like those amazing pictures? However; I did come up with a pretty cute owl themed birthday party, 1 is a Hoot!

A typical first mom move, I stressed myself out about this party. I was in uncharted 1st birthday party water. His cake had to look just right, and cost a small fortune. I was worried that we didn't invite enough people, or we did we leave someone off the list. Did I order enough food? Long story short ,the party went great. And I am sure no one cared that I had ordered too much food (9 pounds of pulled pork to be exact), or that the icing turned your mouth blue.

As a veteran party planner, I vowed that the second birthday be simple and easy. I stuck to my vow too! In reality, they do not remember the cakes, presents, decorations, or even who was there. They are just excited to eat cake, whether it's homemade or store bought and open presents. Don't stress yourself out because in the end the perfect party does not matter. All that matters, is celebrating that sweet innocent birthday boy or girl. Simple and easy is best!

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