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​ Sharing content of a autistic child having a meltdown.

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There has been a rise in attention lately about parents and caregivers sharing footage of their child having a meltdown and it is causing quite a fuss across the net.

Would I share content of my child struggling having a meltdown ??


I have however, recorded some things which I felt I needed a pediatricians medical opinion of, which I showed directly to the doctor from my phone.

For one, I am too busy actually parenting my kid and helping him through said meltdown and two, because it is morally wrong to expose him like that. It breaks my heart seeing these clips of kids breaking down and parents sharing them "to raise awareness" .

I just want to plunge myself through the screen and help the kid.

That all being said, I do not agree with comments made that
'it is wrong to share footage of a child showing autistic behaviors...'

My child has autism, his behavior is autism...showing people how my child shows autistic behavior is not negative.

I'm showing people that do not know what stimming looks like,
Who haven't tried to have a conversation with a child who is "in his own world" ,
Who don't know what autism sounds like,
Who don't know how siblings see autism,

I'm showing people his appreciation of small things,

The ways he shows his love.


I may talk about the struggles, I may write about the "bad bits of autism" to help better educate others who once like me, knew nothing about autism.
But I won't show footage of my son when he is breaking down.

There is a reason why he is comfortable to do this with me -



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