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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Self Care, where are you?

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I had the pleasure of going to a Self-care, Sister Circle meet up. The entire meeting was about thriving and living a life we enjoy. As we went around the room, the general consensus was that most moms lack in the self-care area of their lives. We all knew what it meant to be sacrificing. Most of the moms in the room were "Super Moms". We were all exhausting ourselves from attending all the events, cooking the meals, being the unpaid chauffeur and doing everything under the sun for everyone. However, when it came to self-care, we are always putting ourselves last on the list, if even on the list at all.

This made me realize why I am feeling miserable and exhausted some days. The combined required responsibilities at work and at home are draining me. It is not that I hate my my job and that I don't love my children, I just feel exhausted. That is because, I am not doing the necessary things to make myself a priority too. I have things I want to do; unfortunately, my day consists of serving someone else.

After having that magnificent self-care discussion; I began practicing doing something daily that makes me happy. That is from eating an ice cream sundae to saying "no" to someones demand. From now on I am putting myself first some days! This is not selfish, it is necessary. Plus, it eliminates any resentment I might feel as a result of ignoring my needs.

So parents, I suggest that we all take a moment, realize we are spreading ourselves too thin and do something about it. Stop depriving yourself with the joy and self-care that you need. A happy parent = happy kids!

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