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Challenge: Summer Fun

Safer at home, but not saner

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SANER AT HOME? EH. I'm not quite so sure.


A lot of us who are parents are losing our everloving minds being both #blessed and #trapped at home with our kiddos.

Our precious, loving, life-giving little people who have the uncanny ability to suck the energy from our grateful, but under-inebriated and exhausted souls before 8 am on any given day.

I love my house. It's a comfortable home.

I love my kids. It's uber-comfortable to be around them.

But I'm freakin' going stir-crazy as shi..itake mushrooms if you know what I mean?

So why not get the heck out of dodge, right?

If, AND ONLY IF, you are smart about how you do it.

If and only if you take that vacation in the smartest, mask-wearing, most socially distant way possible.

Meaning, maybe you don't leave your state, but you at least get out of the house for day trips.

Maybe you leave your home, city and the county, but you take with you every dang precaution you can think of --

masks, wipes, disinfectant, sanitizers, neck gaiters, and the like.

Maybe you rent an RV or take that camping trip you've always talked about, but never followed through on planning.

What about a state-wide road trip that spans a couple of days?

You'll have to do your due diligence to find hotels that are taking their cleanliness procedures hella-seriously and are under-booked or perhaps go the Airbnb route and sanitize the heck out of the joint when you arrive.

You decide what works for you and your family, but the point is you've to get your socially-deprived biscuits out of that house of yours -- where you've been held up for months -- and get some sun on 'em (think desolate beach or expansive park) or put 'em in automobile and drive them the frick around.

Rightfully so, everyone's physical health is on the top of their minds these days, but also rightfully so, so many of us are also concerned about the mental and emotional health of those we love and even our own.

And, do you know what 90% of the time improves both physical and mental health?

Getting the eff outside.

Safer at home? Yes.

But saner at home, perhaps not.

So take that summer vacation, however brief or long, just don't be an idiot about it.

Stick with your quaranteam, be outside, avoid crowds, keep 6+ft from others, don't touch your face, clean your hands, and wear your dang mask.

I think that's how we can stay SAFE and SANE this summer.

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