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Challenge: Bedtime Secrets

4 B's to Bed

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First, let them identify day and night... Active play with light and snooze when it's dark.

Start a routine as early as the newborn stage. My daughter follows the 4 B's before bedtime. Bath-Book-Bottle-Bed. She sleeps 10-12 hrs through the night and takes 2 or 3 1hr naps in the day. Her feedings are scheduled too which works best to anticipate her rests and active hours... Don't be too strict with the routine though. It's just a guide. Your precious little ones are humans, not robots...

The routines will help them anticipate what's next and they will be less fussy.

It took her 3 months to stick to the routine. This too shall pass mommies.. Enjoy the ride 😘

Click the link:

Athena's bedtime routine

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