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Research Confirms Normal Breathing Spreads Flu

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It is a common belief that flu is spread through sneezing, coughing, and making contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus. However, new studies have confirmed that just breathing is enough to spread flu. The University of Maryland in College Park conducted the research and revealed that people with flu can shed infectious virus in the air just by breathing. This virus stays suspended in the air and contaminates other people as well. Health experts, after the publication of this research, are suggesting that people with flu should not go outside but stay in their rooms so that the virus does not infect a large number of people.

Research Insights

Under this research, 142 patients with influenza were assessed by the researchers. For this reason, samples were collected from each participant during the first three days of the illness. The samples included exhaled breath and nasopharyngeal swabs taken through the nose and throat. In order to collect the breath samples, the participants were invited to breathe normally in a cone-shaped sampler for at least 30 minutes.

The samples were assessed and the breath samples showed more bacteria as compared to the swabs. The researchers also found that the bacteria also have the capability to spread with air and infect other individuals as well. After careful assessment, it was proven that breathing spreads flu more than sneezing and coughing.

Seasonal Flu Can Be Dangerous

Seasonal flu, most commonly known as influenza, is an infectious respiratory disease that is caused by viruses. The illness caused by such virus can range from mild to severe and even lead to death if proper treatment is not provided. More than 72% of the world population suffers from seasonal flu or influenza every year and out of those 32% cases are not able to survive.

In developed countries, children under 6 years of age receive a flu shot annually to prevent seasonal flu. However, the problem is very serious in underdeveloped countries. More than 40% children living in such areas and suffering from seasonal flu are affected by this virus because they are not vaccinated.

Preventive Measures

In order to prevent influenza, it is advised that the patient should not go outside their room. They should limit themselves to their room until they are perfectly fine so that other people could be saved. People around the patient should keep their mouths and noses covered especially when coming in close contact with the infected person. Furthermore, as soon as the symptoms start appearing, the patient should be taken to a doctor immediately.

Influenza is dangerous but can be treated if medical attention is sought on time. It is vital to find a doctor and book an appointment instantly so that a precious life can be saved. You can also take your patient to the nearest emergency centers where the available healthcare staff will provide the basic treatment. is a platform where you can find a doctor and book an appointment remotely.

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