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Challenge: Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Remember 'the ones' of pregnancy loss

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1 in 4 pregnancies ends in loss.

I am the face of The One.

The One pregnancy that resulted in empty arms.

The One that left me clutching an empty womb.


The One that failed to produce a baby who could experience life outside of my body.

The One that ended with death instead of life.

The One that caused tears of sorrow instead of joy.

The One that required me to hand my baby back to the nurse before stumbling out of the hospital doors.

1 in 160 babies are born still.

My baby was The One.

The One baby who never took a breath.

The One whose final moments took place within my womb.

The One who danced to the rhythm of my heartbeat before his own heartbeat stopped.

The One who never cried.

The One who went from the hospital to the grave.

The One who left us forever wondering what life might have looked like had he survived.

I am the face of The One.

But I'm not the only One. There are numerous others. Other Ones who have scars on their bodies and on their hearts. Ones who love despite having lost. Ones who carry the weight of a baby's death.

Look for them. Love them. Lift them up in prayer. Listen with an open heart.

Wrap them in compassion. Wipe their tears. Walk beside them so they aren't left to wander the barren, grief-filled days alone.

My baby was The One. But he wasn't the only One. There are too many others. Other Ones who have left holes in society, holes in hearts, holes that are too great to fill. Ones who are loved despite their absence. Ones who live in heaven, but are missed on earth.

Look for ways to acknowledge them. Love them by speaking their names. Lift up their memory that they may be remembered. Listen to the stories of their brief lives.

Honor them. Hope for Heaven. Help The Ones who must live without them.

Remember The Ones. They are more than a statistic. They are people. Humans. Big and small. Created with purpose by a Creator who loves every single One. Remember to love them too.

This post was originally published on A Beautifully Burdened Life. Please follow Jenny on Facebook for more on her incomplete family and imperfect motherhood.

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