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As the year closes, it is important to sit down with yourself, a loved one, a child and recount what the year brought. I wrote down below what this year brought me. I also do this monthly in a journal and write down the emotions I felt as well.

1. January- New start, new path, new goals to find a direction for you. This month I made a decision I would exit from my job and look at endeavors for me. I also started to write to release some thoughts that were building up.

2. February- Spent some time with loved ones, sweet friends, and kept my research activities going.

3. March- Did some travel, networking, and took some business classes. Continuing to improve and keep pushing for myself.

4. April- Went to a convention, took some continuing education classes, and was able to eat some new fusion foods.

5. May- Did some volunteer hours, took some time for a friend's wedding, and continued to remove the toxic/negative thoughts people can bring. I went back to a counselor to keep my mind and thoughts in order.

6. June- My birthday month. I make sure to thoroughly enjoy things I want to. I also continued my Be the Match Volunteer Hours. I saw a loved one that was about to go through a loss. Was able to reconnect with friends through some mini-travel.

7. July- Changed to the last job I will take. I will now focus on my own ideas, create a business, and create opportunities for others to lead. I want to be self-sufficient and work for me. I also published a Children's Book, I Like French Fries Too.

8. August- Took a trip for me. Great experience and adventure. Also met others that were single travelling and took time for themselves as well. Amazing time. Came back and continued to be strong for me and remove the negativity.

9. September- Started my last job and settling in. Did some lobbying work for AAHOA. Tried some new restaurants.

10. October- Reconnected with former classmates, colleagues, and friends. Such beautiful people to see. Thoroughly enjoyed Garbas and Balloon Fiesta. Also had my annual cookie decorating party a bit early to keep the fun and excitement going.

11. November- Went by so quickly. Spent time with friends and celebrated Diwali. Enjoyed shopping and buying gifts.

12. December- Have already had many Secret Santa Parties and Holiday Parties. Have taken time to show love and appreciation with gifts, cards, and phone calls. Have a wedding and some travel to look forward to.

As you reflect back, you can see all that you have done and recognize everything you are capable of. Through the hugs, tears, love, joy, yelling, disappointment, success, there is so much that happens. From the everyday routine encounters to feeding ducks, picnics, movies, dinner, football games...etc. There is so much to look back on and much more to keep going forward for.

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