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Recommendations for parents with disabled children

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For the harmonious development of a personality, a child needs to be in a warm family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and of course understanding. This is especially important for those children who have special needs. Such kids need a strong moral support and the help of people around. The creation and maintenance of a healthy psychological climate in the family serves as a guarantee for the proper development of a child and allows to realize their potential opportunities.

The result of upbringing depends on the parents' attitude to having a "special" child, the understanding of the disease characteristics at all stages of the development of the child and the preservation of respectful relationships between all the members in the family. Even the very understanding of the situation parents find themselves in have a therapeutic effect. The emotions that the parents experience are very unpleasant and difficult, but all the same, they have the right to exist because they are going through a psychological trauma.

Accepting the situation does not mean doing nothing but on the contrary, it means that you need to act and seek the optimal balanced solution. Parents should fully understand the true condition of their child, accept and implement the measures recommended by the doctor, psychologist, educator-defectologist, speech therapist for further education and development of their child. Families raising a child with special needs should consider seeking help from a specialist in order to be able to express all their pain and emotions without keeping it all to themselves.

How to help parents in this situation?

In order to help yourself cope with this difficult emotional state, you may want to follow some of our tips.

• Accept the situation as a given and stop thinking about how and why it happened to you. Remember that all your fears and bad thoughts influence the child and they feel it at an intuitive level. For the sake of a successful future for your child, try to find the strength in yourself and move on;
• Never feel sorry for the child because they have some special needs;
• Give your child the love and warmth, but remember that there are other members of the family who need it as well;
• Strive to ensure that all family members have the opportunity for self-development and a fulfilling life. Remember, the child from the first months of their life, should feel the stability and tranquility around them.
• Organize your life so that no one in the family feels like a victim who has to give up their personal life.
• Do not protect the child from all the problems. If your child's condition permits, think of simple house chores they could do, try to teach your child how to take care of themselves and so on.

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