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Reclaiming the Hunter: How the Pressures of Fatherhood Can Unlock Entrepreneurship

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Sometimes as parents, we use our kids as a crutch, rather than the undeniable source of inspiration and drive they can add to your life.

Hang around a group of parents long enough, and you'll start to hear allusions to what they could do, or what they planned to do, if not for the kids. Does having children require you to make some tough decisions? Sure.

However, being a dad can offer more inspiration than anything else in life, and I choose to allow it to push me to greater things.

Start using your role as a father or mother to unlock that hunter inside of you, as a means to build a better life for your child and your entire household.

Use these thoughts to guide you.

Wake Up Everyday With Purpose

When you get up every single day knowing what's important and what's not, it's much easier to get down to business and be productive.

This is where being a parent becomes a gift, rather than the curse that some people make it out to be. It's a lot easier to stay focused on your business when your meaning of life transcends simply making money and grabbing brass rings.

You'll show up driven and full of passion at work, and will value your time with your kids even more.

Conduct Painstaking Research Into Entrepreneurial Outlets

The internet has rocked the business world and opened people up to more entrepreneurial outlets than ever. You can grow your money doing anything from writing eBooks to starting a drop shipping sales business.

Use your parenthood as a driving force behind growing your money, so that you have control over the time you spend with your kids, take them on vacations you otherwise never could, pay for their health and well-being, get them into the best daycare, preschools and schools.

When these sorts of things are on the line, it's important that you manage your business interests to the best of your ability. For instance, get the help of an accountant, look into business loans, manage your books and do everything you need to in order to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Use Parenthood to Get Better at Planning and Organizing

Thinking of your family as a business will help you across the board.

Set up a family calendar that keeps you on track and allows you to make all important dates. Be sure that you streamline your life and sync your devices so that you're getting the same alerts.

Hold family meetings so that you're able to get on the same page and stay on that page.

Using these tips will help you find your purpose and thrive as a parent.

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