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Really, People, Really?! I. Just. Can't.

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I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the backlash Victoria Beckham (formerly Posh Spice) is getting because <gasp> she kissed her 5 year-old daughter ON THE LIPS! Oh, the humanity!
Social media is blowing up with controversy over whether or not the kiss and/or the public share was appropriate. I kid you not, people are disgusted.
I mean, I don't blame them, obviously. How dare a parent show completely appropriate affection and love to their child. So gross, right? The nerve of some moms!
People, please tell me we are being punk'd. Society can't really be an uproar over this, can it? A mom kissed her daughter, on her birthday, and posted it online to share with her fans. SHE KISSED HER DAUGHTER. I just can't get over the fact that people are actually upset about this.

Weren't we complaining just last week that there isn't enough love in the world?

And now this?

What do these readers want? People loooooove to put others down and find fault. If she wasn't kissing her daughter, it would be, "Well, she never shows her any love. How will this 5 year-old know how special she is?" It's always, always, always something.
Here's the thing, my friends: We are never, ever, not once gonna please everyone at the same time. There will always be some reason that Ornery McCrankyPants wants to put you down. There will always be something they find fault with.
So listen to this, and maybe even write it down so that you remember: As long as you are treating your children/spouses/loved ones well, as long as they are feeling love and security with you, do whatever the heck you want. The haters can go hate on something else, because you are not going to buy into their garbage.
Kiss your kiddos with puckered lips, smooch your husband or wife (tastefully) in front of them, BE AFFECTIONATE! SHOW YOU CARE! Everyone else can shut the heck up about it and mind their own dang business!
Because the world really does need more love!

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