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Challenge: Life Changes

Putting her first...

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My husband is on the left, our two sons in the back. My ex on the right, our daughter in the middle. This was her Father - Daughter dance in which they both accompanied her. Our sons refer to her father as Uncle Robbie. When I first found out I was pregnant with her, him and I had just split up, it was shock of my life. For the sake of her, we tried and it just wasn't right, too much in our past had left a relationship unworkable, however she was our priority. We set rules, dating rules for each other. Date whoever you want, but they can't be brought into her life until the other approves. When she was 1.5 I married, her father attended the wedding, we danced...I have the best picture of her two dad's from that day also. Sure we fight, we have our moments, but we have always put her first. Our past is our past, she has nothing to do with that, she has been nothing short of a blessing in our life. He now has a steady girlfriend, and there is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for a mother figure for her at his house. You can never have too many people that love your children. I realize not everyone can have this kind of relationship with their exes, there are many reasons for this - abuse, the other not willing to put the child first, etc. I know how blessed we are to have this.

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