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Put Him in Your Pocket

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This is my husband and I've been feeling pretty protective of him lately.

I've been kind of wanting to roll him into a ball and put him in my pocket.

It's weird, right? Saying that I want to put my husband in my pocket.

I hear it and it's weird.

But I guess what I really mean is, I want to keep my husband safe.

I want to hold onto him and us and what we have, and not let anything bring hurt or pain or anguish.

Because I love this man more than anything.

It's a bit cloudy sometimes because you know, I can tell you where he's been in the house based on the abandoned trail of soda cans. And he has some confusion about where our garbage bin is located. And sometimes he leaves smears of toothpaste on the bathroom counter like he's attempting to be some kind of Picasso or something.

It's cute...I guess...these things that make love cloudy in an infuriating kind of way.

Around corners and under rugs, on bathroom counters and lifted toilet seats. The fury.

But then life happens.

Life happens and none of it matters because the one you love is hurting.

And hurt, it humanizes a man on a level you've never seen before.

They'll show you feelings you didn't know existed.

Bits you haven't had the privilege of loving before.

And all you'll want to do in that moment is roll your big bear of a husband into a ball and put him in your pocket to protect him. The way he has always protected you.

I know the whole pocket thing sounds weird.

But the responsibility of love is to keep another's heart safe. And it's not just a responsibility, it's a calling.

The minute my man's heart starts to hurt I go into a protective mama bear mode that erupts like a fire - and I just want to put him into my pocket.

Where he's safe and important and loved. And where he knows it.

There aren't many times your man will need you to swoop in and save him. And even when he does, there's a good change he won't let you know.

But you'll know. You'll see it in his eyes. You'll feel your heart calling you to keep his heart safe.

Put him in your pocket.

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