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Psychic Talents: Telltale Signs You Have the Gift

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Did you ever feel that the world around you speaks to you? Not in that ordinary, verbal way, but as if you were communicating with your surroundings on a different plain, like you can hear the unsaid and see further than people around you do.

Psychic talents are not at all uncommon, and they are often misunderstood. These are indeed special abilities that give you hunches, make you hear sounds and voices that are seemingly without a source, or enable you to make highly accurate assumptions.

By embracing your gift, you’ll be able to control it and further develop it. If you’ve always felt like you could tell more than the naked eye can see, you should go through the following list of signs – they will tell you if you indeed possess psychic talents.

Powerful Intuition

If people around you have a habit of reminding you that you’re always right, your capabilities go further than common sense and decent deductive skills. Powerful intuition depends on several factors, one of which is your personal experience. However, being able to correctly assume how the future will unfold is something different.

Mood Reading

People with psychic talents can effortlessly read other people’s mood, whether they personally know them or not. So, make sure to remember this the next time you ask someone “What’s wrong?” without them previously saying a single word.

Predictive Dreams

Well, this one is quite an obvious sign. People with psychic abilities usually have highly vivid, lifelike dreams that are actually a window that shows the future.

Family Heritage

Although they are not strictly hereditary family traits, psychic talents are often transferred from one generation to another. Therefore, if you have a grandmother or a great grandfather who was famous for their special gifts, chances are you possess them as well.


The ability to finish someone’s sentences may be the result of thoroughly knowing someone for a long time. However, if you ever find yourself being lost in someone else’s thoughts, you should know that you don’t have hearing problems and that you’re perfectly sane – that phenomenon is referred to as telepathy.

Nose for Trouble

Your gut simple tells you when something is wrong – and that turns out to be the truth. You should rely on your instincts because they can save you from a lot of trouble.

Lucky Charms

Most people have a lucky charm – a favorite t-shirt, special jeans, or a lucky pair of socks. But, ask yourself this – is your item actually lucky? Has it ever failed you when you wanted to tap into its useful charms?

History Vibes

For some people, tourism doesn’t go much further than enjoying the view. However, other people are capable of experiencing a rush of feelings when visiting a landmark with a rich history that are completely unrelated to their mood at the given time. That happens because you’re able to relive and channel historical events.

Visible Auras

Do you consider yourself to be a good judge of character, even though your first impression isn’t really based on a lot of facts? The next time when you notice a person that radiates a certain color, you should know that’s actually their aura you’re seeing, which is exactly what enables you to make all the right assumptions.

Spirit Hearing

Chances are that you’ve heard about mediums; people who can talk to spirits. This particular gift is called clairaudience, and it enables you to hear bodiless voices that belong to those who live in different plains. This is a very special talent; it can offer you guidance and provide you with the means to help others.

Animal Bond

Not only can people with special gifts talk to spirits, but they can also establish strong bonds with animals. As a gifted individual, you’ve probably heard your friends tell you that their pets are unusually fond of you, even though they don’t have a habit of making those kinds of connections.

A phenomenon such as having a premonition and being a telekinetic are rare. But just because you can’t see the future clearly, or because you don’t have practical capabilities, it doesn’t mean that you’re not marked with psychic talents. If you’ve managed to find yourself in some of the signs that are listed above, then you should nurture and grow your gifts.

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