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Challenge: Get Happy!

Pretty Photos and Pretty Lives

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Last Christmas, a writer I admire issued a reminder that, “pretty pictures in pretty Holiday cards don’t always mean pretty lives.”

I get this. Holiday cards are a little like social media. A highlight reel. Just a glimpse. Normally people are not putting bad news there. They are not sharing hard things, Pinterest fails, family challenges or even just the boring, everyday stuff.

I also get there are seasons where we may need to protect ourselves and our hearts and a reminder to remember that everyone has hard, boring moments is essential.

But still, announcing that “pretty pictures in pretty holiday cards don’t always mean pretty lives” didn’t really sit well with me.

To me, this just seems like such a negative way of living.

Wouldn’t it be more helpful to see a laughing kid or to admire a well coordinated family photo or to hear about the great accomplishments of the year and feel... happy?

Wouldn’t it be easier to feel happy for that family that loves you enough to share their life with you? Happy that they felt moments of pride this year? Why cut them down in the privacy of your own mind just to make yourself temporarily feel better?

Yes, the holiday’s can be hard and feel competitive and some years are more challenging than others. I get it. But, I also believe that, with the right mindset, they can also be full of joy.

And, maybe if that is still too hard to find, seek comfort.

Seek the comfort found in knowing that there is, in fact, not just a pretty life; but, a beautiful one behind that pretty photo.

Because a beautiful, whole life is full of hard things, challenges and boring moments… and still so much to be thankful for. So much to smile about.

Remember that a full, messy, beautiful life is staring right back at you in that pretty holiday card.

Happy Holidays. Wishing you comfort... and joy.


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