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Post natal weight loss

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To give birth to another human being is the most sacred and pious feeling that a woman has been blessed to have. God chose women to carry this phenomenon because they hold the strength and ability to tolerate all the physical pain and mental changes that come along with that urge of being called a mother. Female body undergoes a lot of changes in every manner, right from that pregnancy test to the delivery of the baby. While all other changes get stabilized post delivery, the physical changes reside in her body in the form of gained weight. Young mothers today are very much concerned about getting back in shape post delivering their baby. They spend hours running on a treadmill and corner everything else that has to be taken under notice. Running on a treadmill is both times consuming and doesn't have much effect on the long terms. Therefore, there are few other things that all the beautiful young mothers must try and rather follow to stay fit and healthy :

1. Yoga - Yoga, and meditation is the cure for most of the ailments that ever bothered human beings. Hence, to practice postnatal yoga is the best way to increase strength and flexibility by shedding all those extra kilos. Pranayama, pranayama kapalbhati, tadasana, triyaktadasana, and suryanamaskar are some of those extremely beneficial asanas that would help in achieving your goals of being fit. Every asana has an effect on a particular organ of your body which cannot be achieved by running on a treadmill alone. Also, meditation provides you with the needed calm and peace that your mind and body demand after undergoing so many changes.y


2. Breastfeeding - A lot of new moms choose bottle feeding over breastfeeding for their infant, which is not at all good for both the baby and the mother. Breastfeeding, as proven by the scientific researchers, helps in losing 300-500 calories a day only if it is followed by a proper and nutritious diet which includes the appropriate intake of calories as well. Also, it reduces the chances of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in females.12


3. Eliminate Junk Food - Harsh but true, junk food contributes a lot in gaining weight. For the young mothers, you must eat home cooked meals which should include soups and green vegetable salad. Also, intake of raw fruits and vegetables must be more. Drink a lot of water. Drink fenugreek water along with honey, it helps a lot in cleansing your gut. Also, consumption of organic tea is a great aid in losing weight as it detoxifies your body.

4. Avoid Sugar - Sugar is said to be the biggest cause of cancer and many other chronic diseases, as found by the researchers. Eating a lot of sugar increases the level of insulin in our blood which further adds on to the deposits of fat to our cells from the food we eat. Avoid sugar the most, replace it with jaggery or honey. Start from a low level of elimination and then increase it gradually to get the desired postnatal weight loss.

5. Gym - Along with all the above-mentioned tips, you should include some light exercises to your daily schedule of weight loss. Squats and crunches being the basic ones will contribute well to your goal. Also, minimal changes like opting for stairs instead of lifts or elevators and a morning or an evening walk with your child is beneficial as well. The easiest and opted way of weight loss preferred by the young mothers is to run on a treadmill, be that in the gym or at home. Walking on a treadmill for half an hour or so won't make much difference if done once or twice but it can result in burning 500 calories per day if done regularly and in a scheduled manner. Using a treadmill alone contribute to the much-needed weight loss and hence you will have to follow a few other things as well to get in shape and be a yummy mummy.

Losing weight post pregnancy isn't that difficult. All you need is a proper balanced and healthy diet along with an abstract amount of yoga and exercises. 'Don't lose your mind, lose your weight', just a few changes in your daily routine and you can achieve that desired satisfaction. Losing weight is time-consuming and indeed it takes a lot of efforts but if done and followed in a proper manner like the results can be magical, even better than before. They say 'a happy mother looks invariably beautiful'. Also, 'a happy mother is the best mother a child can have'. So if your happiness lies in your weight loss, obviously along with that sparkling smile of your child, then you must try observer gameplay and inculcate all these minor changes in your daily life along with running on a treadmill for hours alone.

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