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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

Please don't judge me for wearing scrubs even when I'm not going to work..

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After my first child, I judged every mom I saw.. I'll admit it..

I judged them for putting their kids to bed with bottles.. I judged them for not having their child potty trained by the age of 2..

I judged them for breastfeeding in public..

For letting their poor little baby bawl in a restaurant..

But then... I had 4 more children.. In a row..

I swallowed an enormous crow and then..

Put my twins to bed with bottles.. Not just a bottle.. I would throw so many in the crib with them in the middle of the night.. I was shocked at how many I found in the morning..

I not only didn't have my kids potty trained by 2.. It was more like 3.. And even I was contemplating wearing a diaper because I had no time to pee.

Not only did I let my kids cry in public..I breastfed my children.. Right there in the booth at Ruby Tuesdays.. While I ate a giant hamburger and dripping ketchup on their heads..

I will never judge another mom as long as I live.. In Jesus name, amen!

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