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Planning the Ultimate Kids’ Party

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These days, many people think that they have to break the bank in order to throw great parties for their kids. Believe it or not, most kids don’t need, or even really want all of this extravagance. They just want to have fun with their friends, eat lots of cake, and open presents. So, here are some tips that will help you plan awesome kids’ parties, without having to spend a small fortune.

Plan a Theme Party

Theme parties are all the rage for kids these days, and for one good reason: they are loads of fun. There is so much you can do with a theme party, and you can get really creative with it. For instance, if it is a Disney Princess party, make sure that there are costumes and accessories to dress up in. Consider hiring an actor to play a character at the party.

The Guest List

The first thing you need to do is create a guest list. This will help with the rest of the planning, including the size of the venue needed, how much and what kind of foods to serve, creating party games and activities, etc. Make sure the guest list includes your kids’ best friends, family members, and important family friends who want to help your kids celebrate the important milestones in their lives.

Choose the Right Party Favors

If the party is themed, make sure that party favors go along with the theme. If there is no theme, you can get really creative with the favors. A great idea is to have special, customized buttons made with the names of each guest. This is a fun party favor that is also inexpensive, and you can get really creative with the designs so they really stand out.

Get Creative

Once you have come up with a theme (or if you are having trouble deciding on a theme), look to websites, books, magazines, etc. for inspiration. You can make a lot of party decorations, get your kids to help, etc. You can even get help from a professional party planner if you are feeling overwhelmed, and they will take over all of the little details that can cause an inexperienced party planner a lot of unnecessary stress.

Choose fun Games to Play

It is important to have plenty of games to play to keep kids occupied. Plan a few different things to do, including both active and quiet games. Make sure that there is something everyone enjoys. Again, if it is a theme party, keep the games in line with the theme. If it is a super hero party, instead of pin the tail on the donkey, make it pin the mask on Batman or something like that.

Don’t Go Nuts

As previously mentioned, kids don’t need elaborate parties, so don’t overdo the party planning. The more you try to pack in, the more over-stimulated the guests are going to become, and this will end up with you being host to a lot of cranky kids. Focus on activities that are age-specific, and keep them simple and to a minimum.

Plan the Menu

It can be quite difficult to plan a party menu, because so many people have different dietary needs. This is where that guest list comes in really handy. Find out about the dietary needs of each person on the guest list, and then plan the menu accordingly. Food for kids’ parties should be simple, such as pizzas or burgers. Healthy foods such as fruits, nuts, and cheese are also good options. Be sure to find out if any guests have food allergies.

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