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Challenge: Parents On The Go: What's Your Strategy?

Pick your battles!!

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So he wants to wear his shirt backwards. So she wants to bring the doll in the car. So he wants to eat the waffle in his car seat. So she wants to wear the same shirt, again. In the grand scheme of life, does it REALLY matter?

There are times when the craziness of having to fight with my kids, isn't worth getting them where I need to go. So the little guy wants to take the book with him. Will He forget about once we get there, likely. Even if he doesn't, does it really matter? Is it hurting anything!?

The more battles I choose to fight, the more chaotic and hectic it seems to make our bouncing around from place to place.

I'm not talking about giving in to battles that compromise safety or their well being because those, they never win, but the ones where you can give in, why not!? You're getting to where you need to be. Goal met!

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