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Perfectly Imperfect

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Today I'm sharing a writing about something a lot of Mamas can probably relate to... stretch marks!!

How many identify their stretch marks based on which kiddo gave them to you??

The lightest ones, on my hips and butt, came from my oldest son and are approaching ten years old this month. Having just turned 20 at the news of being pregnant I tried everything I could to prevent them and then get rid of them when I bounced back to my pre pregnancy weight right in time for summer. That didn't go according to plan along with several years that followed-- as some of y'all may have already read about from my previous writings. Thank God for His mercy and grace, new beginnings, a new life led by Christ, and #sobriety !!

The deep and wide ones below my belly button are from my second son. I gained a whopping 70 pounds in the dead of summer and felt like I had the gestation period of an elephant. Despite giving birth to another BEAUTIFUL baby boy I got the baby blues that came with an awful sense of disconnect from my baby as well as my loved ones. Thank God for His guidance and leading us into a season that would result in a forever family from our new church and people I could talk to and open up about #life !

The third and newest set of stretch marks are wide, wild, red, and itchy-- oh so itchy-- and spread across all of my upper belly. These are from my third and probably last child... another son who is due in June. This pregnancy has been bittersweet, way more relaxed than my others, and going by super fast. My husband and I have been through some BIG highs and lows since giving birth to our second son, but have grown from each one remembering God is ALWAYS on our side. I also like to think I'm getting better at this Mama thing... watching my boys continue to grow into their own little individuals... and learning how to parent each one according to their personalities and enforcing the ground rules we have adopted in our home. I may not know how the rest of this pregnancy plays out, and what's to come, but I am willing to embrace it, relying on my faith and family to get me through any bumps in the road, the highs AND lows, and reminding myself to let life be #beautiful !

Each set of stretch marks are perfectly imperfect. What's even more amazing is each set tells a different story not only about the birth of that particular child, but a piece of my life that I'm able to look back on and reflect about. What was I going through? How did I grow from it? (Thank God that didn't last long.) How can I use the story behind those imprints to help others?

Embrace your scars, your stretch marks, and every perfect imperfectly flaw. They are proof of growth, strength, courage, and that God is AMAZING and He is good... ALWAYS!!


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