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Parents Are Learning Things to Do For Their Kids

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During a child’s pre-school or nursery school days, only 2-3 hours of their day are spent in the classroom and the rest are spent at home. The crucial early learning stage of their life has already begun, which means that the household has to act as a learning environment for the children as well, since the majority of their days will be spent at home instead of at school. So to ensure that the children form a good base during these early years of their learning, the parents are the ones who have to become the role models and teachers whom the children will mimic and build upon the idea of.

In order to become the teachers for their children, the parents of course themselves have to know things as well. In order to become the role models for their children, the parents of course themselves have to live doing the things that they want their children to do as well. These things can range from having dinner together, to Learning to say thank you. Most parents want their children to do well in school, but that is sometimes not possible due to various reasons like the child not being able to adjust to a new school environment, or being uncomfortable with other kids, or simply not being able to understand what the teacher is teaching in class. So in order to tackle these obstacles, the parents have to learn things themselves so that they can teach their kids those things that they are not able to understand at school, at home. Many teachers encourage parents to go over what their young children are learning in a non-pressured way and to practice what they may need extra help with. This doesn’t mean drilling them for success, but it may mean going over basic counting skills, multiplication tables or letter recognition, depending on the needs and learning level of your child.

Subjects like language subjects come naturally to the parents of course, but the problem arises with subjects like mathematics, sciences or history subjects. Of course in order to teach their children these things, they have to learn a bit, or revise these things from their own childhood first.

One of the rapidly growing problems of the new generation is technology. Children even below the age of 5 are able to use a smartphone now and this is really not healthy. But this again is due to the parents themselves always being on their smartphones or laptops, so their children are again just mimicking what their parents are doing. Many teachers have advised parents to start reading books with their children. This would not only help bond with their children but increase the child’s vocabulary and reading skills as well. Though many parents do start doing this with their children, but they do this too on their smart phones and wide screen tablets, so the parents first themselves have to learn to let go of their technology in order to lead children to do so as well.

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