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Parenting Challenge - How Can You Build Self Esteem Within the Kids?

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Rearing a child is not just about providing food, clothing or schooling. Besides these normal duties, a parent or guardian has something more to take care of. It's about the emotional development of the child that needs proper nurturing.

Without these, the child might feel psychological binding while trying to achieve goals in life.

So, it's very important that you try to infuse the feel of self esteem in your child. On the other hand, low level of self-esteem could take its toll in relationships, homework, school work, health or happiness. So as a guardian angel of the child, you need to encourage him or her about thinking in a positive way about themselves.

Fortunately, this could be done with some simple, yet effective group or individual activities.

Compliment List

Write the name of every child on a sheet (preferably on a lined paper). Then pass that paper around a group of children and let each of the children write positive things about the individual who owns the paper.

Candy for Skills

Give each and every child some separately wrapped candies. Let all the children in that group to name a particular skill or a good quality regarding them. Children without that trait can toss pieces of candies at you - the presenter.

Brag Book

Children could also bring together their brag books (preferably from scrapbooks). So, as a moderator, you are supposed to focus onto the scrapbooking achievements, skills or positive report cards, as well as additional items making the child joyful or proud.

Good Things Book

Journaling some good things and attitudes in life could help children remember all the positive things which were commented or done in a typical day. Give confidence to you for writing down at least 5 things everyday, which somebody said and did, which made them feeling better regarding themselves.

Simple Skills

You can also boost confidence into your children by letting them go through an obstruction course which involves simple looking activities. Get started with coloring pictured and writing the names (for younger children).

Some self-esteem actions for children-

  • Room remodeling
  • Room cleaning
  • Grocery shopping
  • Car cleaning.
  • Cooking together.
  • Taking good care of all the pets.
  • Gardening, cultivating or watering flowers.
  • Making own lunch.
  • Making the bed.
  • Putting self-esteem posters
  • Put positive notes

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