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Challenge: Get Happy!

Own your existence

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I did a thing, yall.

I do "things" like this all of the time.

In fact, I pretty regularly do stuff that cause people, including my siblings, spouse, and children, to scratch their head.

I often wear things I probably shouldn't, like open back shirts that give others a view of my lower back tattoo.


"Omg, your mom has a tattoo?"

Yep. Five to be exact, and I plan on getting one more.


I often say things I probably shouldn't, like admitting that I have noisy kids and that I won't apologize for them.

Read more about that here.


I often write things I probably shouldn't, like when I divulged ten things I hate about my husband in this article for the TODAY Parenting team.

--- You see, I'm always doing things that get me in trouble.

Well, not reaaaaallll trouble, but still, I'm often roaming this Earth and about my day feeling just a bit guilty (but more proud) of many of my decisions to do all these things.

Today I did a thing, and though people do stuff like this all of the time -- and admittedly, I have since I was a teen -- it still feels freakin' liberating.

Today, I dyed my hair red; like an auburn brown.

--- Cue my stylist, who I love dearly and who will surely make me grovel and pay for this shortcut, shaking her head in slight disapproval, but being completely understanding of my need to have my bathroom therapy session with a color bottle and some plastic gloves.

Because for me, changing my hair color, cut or style, it's liberating and almost medicinal for me -- same as with writing.

Now, of course, there is a line, right?

One that is different for each of us, concerning doing these things that feel exhilarating, because we need to stay safe and, of course, remain good role models for our children.

But, what could be a better thing to model for our kids, than self-trust, self-confidence, and just owning who you are by way of making well-throughout or periodic impulsive decisions that reinforce a brave, valued, and self-assured hold on your being.

Yes, I am contending that coloring my hair is a way for me to take ownership of my body, choices, and life.

Is that kind of silly?


But do I care?


I did a thing today, yall and I didn't really give it much contemplation beforehand.

And, here's the thing --

I think more of us should do "things" more often.

Do the things that

make you smile

make you laugh

make you feel beautiful

make you happy

make you stronger

make you grow


make you transform via mind and body.

Do those things, even if and when people don't agree with them or it makes them uncomfortable because hear this loud and clear, you can and should do all the things that you want.

This is your existence to own and feel proud of, so go on and do a thing today, okay?

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