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Challenge: Romance After Kids

Our Story

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We didn’t go about things the conventional way, but I like our story better that way.

Years before we met is when I realized his existence. Alone with my thoughts, I whispered a prayer. I was missing a piece to my puzzle and I didn’t know how to find it. Speaking one to one with God, I outlined the characteristics I was looking for. I designed my perfect partner from how tall he should be, to what his interests were, to wanting someone who loved musical theater as much as I did. Intelligence was important, especially someone gifted in math and science to balance out my love of the written word. I may have even uttered the word “nerd.”

Confident my prayers were heard, I continued living, learning, and making mistakes.

Imagine my surprise when I found him standing right in front of me.

The opening scene of our great romance started in a bar. When he asked me out, I told him I’d get back to him. You heard that correctly, when I was face to face with the one I had prayed for I didn’t jump at the chance.

Three months later we were living together and I was expecting our first child.

You could say that we were in a constant state of fast forward doing everything in the reverse order. To the average onlooker, our relationship was doomed.

Money was tight and we were young. Throw a newborn into the mix and it didn’t look like the “Happily Ever After” that plays out in a fairy tale.

24 years and 8 kids later, I can attest to the fairy tale it has been and still is.


There have been amazing experiences that will stay with us forever. We have also had our share of tragedies that shook our very existence. Through it all, each day together is another page in our great romance novel.

Romance is a kiss on the forehead.

Romance is take out by candlelight at the dining room table.

Romance is a shared pint of ice cream in bed.

Romance is holding hands while we fall asleep.

I look forward to adding many more chapters to our epic romance. The story of our life is the greatest tale we will ever tell. May our children reflect on our love story as they prepare to start writing their own. It is my hope that we have taught them well.

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