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Our skin is thick, but theirs is thin

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my skin is thick

but yours is thin

yet I'm louder than I've ever been

making demands and barking every rule

but the fact is that you’re not my tool

by which I make my life complete

by barricading you in with my expectations at your feet

it's so very hard to reign it in

and you should never have to take my words on the chin

non-acceptance, judgment and a voice so loud

it scares, belittles and disparages a young crowd

the ones who look up to me for all that they know

sadly, unintentionally, but truthfully, me becoming their foe

I'm gonna stop my yelling

I'm gonna think my words through

and then you'll know that no love is more true

than that of a parent

who protects, but does not block

a child whose dreams and personality should not be under lock

you are your own

though very much mine,

and for your eternal happiness I do pine

it's little time I have with you so young

I must stop the unnecessary hollering from my tongue.

and talk to you kids

with understanding and compassion

self and other-love,

have you heard

it's in fashion

we love so dearly

all children on this Earth

and especially those we birthed

so let's all move away

from unsuspectingly exploding

towards a version of ourselves

that isn't imploding

over the things that can be made right

if we take the position of being light

to those we love

who need to both hear and see

just how freakin' amazing and fantastic they be

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