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Challenge: Infertility

Our first was not planned, so what happened with a second?

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My husband and I got pregnant with our daughter 9 months after we got married and she was not planned. We were young and he was in the military so when we found out, it was a bit scary. 4 years after our daughter was born, we decided it was time to add another baby to our family. Unfortunately, it was not as easy the second time around. After not being able to get pregnant on our own, we started with the doctors appointments to find out what was going on. I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor started me on my first rounds of Clomid in hopes that we just needed a little boost. After another year of that, we still didn't get pregnant so we moved to IUI's. Again, we were left with disappointment and heartache. My doctor informed us that our next step would be IVF but we couldn't afford it. We decided to take some time off to try and heal our hearts. After another year or 2 we decided that we were done. We healed our hearts and moved on from the idea that we needed more children. I know people mean well but the hardest thing to hear is "at least you have your daughter". Yes, we were blessed with the birth of our daughter but secondary infertility is hard and just because we were able to have 1 doesn't take away from the heartbreak and tears we shed trying to have another.

Here we are, years later and we have a beautiful, kind, smart 14 year old. We are blessed and we finally don't feel like anything is missing from our family. I just wish that more people talked about secondary infertility. Thank you for sharing your story.

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