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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Our 23 week miracle

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My name is Lisa and here is our story. For 6 years my husband and I tried to conceive with no luck, I was told by my obgyn, fertility was going to be our best option for I suffer from seizures and that made it hard to conceive. Well fast forward to May 12th 2016, what I thought was a severely heavy period (passed a clot the size of a football) turned out to be the day we found out I was pregnant (no fertility). Our baby implanted on top of a blood sac in utero so I was pit on bed rest for 3 weeks. Bleed got smaller and baby continued to grow. I was due Dec 18th, but on Aug 22nd while out running errands didn't feel like my usual self. Went home called my hubby and Dr. for I had a slight lwaking. When he came home we went to my hospital and there found out I was 5 cm dilated. I was put on magnesium and flipped upside down. I was told we wanted to try keep the baby in for at least 12 hrs for me to get 2 steroid injections to help my baby's lungs form. I was able to keep my baby in for 28 hrs and at 8:19pm delivered a baby girl, who was breathing on her own. She was put on cpap and believe it or not, had a fairly smooth nicu stay. She weighed 15.9 oz or 451g was 11" long and amazingly strong. Her entire nicu stay she was intubated a total of 7 days, had minimal health complications and after 19 weeks left the nicu weighing 7lbs 6oz. She has been advanced for her corrected age since we came home, at 6 months corrected age she was more at an 11 month old level and at the age of 1 was at your average 1 1/2 yr old. Her pediatrician has never seen a baby do so well in his 30+ years of practice.

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