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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

Open your eyes, mama

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Open your eyes, mama.

What do you see?

Yesterday's dinner dishes still in the sink?

An overflowing hamper or two?

A clean clothes pile that you never got around to folding?

A floor that needs vacuuming?

A closet that needs to be organized?

A day planer needing additions and revisions?

Lunchboxes that need to be filled?

Children who need to be fed?

Hearts that need to feel full?

A spouse that needs attention?

Work that's overdue and must get done?

Pets that want to be played with?

Missed emails you never saw or responded to?

A bank account that could use some more deposits?

A bed that could use more action?

Some gym shoes that could use the same?

A scale that's got your weight increasing?

A schedule that's doing anything but decreasing?

A woman in the mirror you don't recognize?

Open your eyes, mama.

What do you see?

All the ways in which you are failing?

All the people whom you are letting down?

All the areas of your life in which you are seemingly falling short?

All of the mistakes you are making?

If that is what you see, then your eyes are playing tricks on you.

They are not working properly.

If that is what you see, then your sight has been compromised; likely by self-doubt, perpetuated by ridiculous and unnecessary expectations (yours and others), and the words of overly-assertive, judgmental onlookers.

Now, please close your eyes and open them again.

If you are seeing correctly now, you will see what I see, which is

the remnants of a delicious family meal prepared with love and enjoyed by many,

clothes made dirty by way of the previous days' fulfilling, growth-provoking adventures,

clean clothes thanks to your hardworking, steadily laundering biscuit,

a homey floor that is being lived well on,

an untidy closet that makes for a perfectly primed hiding spot,

an organizer filled with daily events for the whole family,

lunchboxes that once delved into with help your tiny people grow into the big people God intended them to,

young tykes that are your privilege to keep nourished,

hearts that God felt only you could help grow,

a lover who wants your affection and friendship,

work that gives you extra purpose,

pets who unconditionally love you,

emails and messages from people who want you in their life for one reason or another,

accounts you have worked hard to build and deserve to pull from whenever you desire,

a pillow to lay your head on and warm body beside you,

some sneakers that are taking significant steps towards self-improvement every day,

a scale to remind you that life can get heavy, but that it's up to you to stay light,

and a jampacked schedule that one day, not too long from now, won't run you so ragged.

Open your eyes, mama.

Really open them.

See the bigger picture, recognize and then accept that you are getting so much of life right merely by living it with repetitive, unrelenting, valiant effort.

Then go open the pantry and give yourself a damn cookie because you freakin' deserve one.

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