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Christmas, Spring break, Summer holiday...a relief from day-to-day checking on your kids if they have done their homeworks, prepared for all the subjects...days when we feel like perpetuum mobile with the almost exact daily routine. But then we realize that creating unforgettable times for our little ones is sometimes a very difficult task to do.

You have probably heard that famous quote by Dalai Lama "Once a year, go someplace you´ve never been before". This phrase has become a motto of our family. And we simply love it. It doesn´t have to be a very fancy, expensive and visited by billion other people spot (even though these destinations are great as well). What we do is that we try to explore our own country and nearby countries (mostly reachable by car for our own comfort). Slovakia´s a small country but beautiful...nature is stunning, history is remarkable so we even teach the kids to be proud of their homecountry as well as they, and we as well, learn new things about different regions of Slovakia. For example our passion is hiking so we enjoy exploring our mountains called High Tatras, you can see them in the picture below. But we like to explore other countries as well. We try to pick unusual vacation places, cities to visit such as Casale Monferrato in Italy. It is a small city near Milan, very beautiful and historic. Pretty much every street looks like from these old movies. Pizza, gelato , cafés on every corner. We were just wandering around the city, forgetting about the time. And of course, it happened that we got lost and couldn´t find the way back to the hotel we stayed. The streets look pretty much the same in this city. And it is a small city a people didn´t really speak English and we don´t speak Italian. For our great luck, kids found it very adventurous so at the end of the day, we end up being a cool parents. But as a parent, it´s a horrible situation, a very stressfull one, I am sure you can imagine. You have to stay calm in order not to scare the kids.Fortunately, our eldest is an IT enthusiast, and she found one app called which will immediately locate you. And it helped us to find the way to the hotel. I was very proud of our daughter, it was the first time she showed us the time spent on PC isn´t a loss of time for her.


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