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One Thing All Moms Need To Do For Themselves

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photo credit: MomJonz

As a seasoned mom, I've decided to tackle a little something-something for new moms. Now, don't take this as me trying to tell you what to do, but just as a bit of advice from an experienced mother.

Ladies, you must take time for YOU from jump street. That's right! Don't forget about yourself. Look, I get it. You have an infant, maybe a toddler running around, or perhaps a tween/teen and you feel you're the only person that can take care of your kids or rip and run with them.

You are NOT!

Ask for help! Your husband, your baby daddy, a friend, or a family member can take care of your child for a couple of hours to help you out.

You know the saying, "I'm married, I'm not dead." As in...yes, I'm married, but I still notice an attractive human being without acting upon it. Well, it's the same as being a mother. Yes, you have to raise your children, be active in their lives and take care of them, but that doesn't mean you can no longer live, have a break, get out and have fun!

So, what is the one thing all moms need? It is ME TIME! Yes, you read that right. You need some time for yourself. And DON'T feel guilty about it.

Way too often we miss telling mothers about one very significant part of motherhood.

We are reminded about feedings, about diaper care, about safety, and things around taking care of our children. But we are rarely told about ensuring we focus on our well being. Both mentally and physically.

Maybe it's taking a stroll around the block alone, sitting on the porch, getting your hair done, a movie, lunch alone or with friends. Heck, even if it's taking 30 minutes chilling in the closet once a week. You deserve it! Checkout the GIPHY (click), me for real!


Look, even if you have to pretend you're taking a dump and just sit in the bathroom for awhile, do it. Yes, that's what I tell my kids and dog. Lol Do NOT bother me for 30 minutes, I will be back!

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