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No one cares but me.

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No one cares but me.

My daughter snapped a picture of me reading to my son. I immediately counted my chins and mentally noted to never wear my hair like that again.
But then I thought about my 13 year old daughter who had snapped the picture. She saw her mom reading to her little brother and made sure to capture the memory.
I took a second look at the picture, this time through my daughter's eyes.
Her little brother was hanging on every word her mom read.
Her mom was sitting patiently while her brother asked for pages to be repeated.
She didn't care about my chins or my hair.... or my chin hair!

No one cares but me.

My son doesn't care what the scale reads when I stand on it, he just wants to play with me.

My daughters don't care what size my jeans are, they just want to see me when they look up.

My husband doesn't care that last years clothes are a little tight, he just want my affection.

My friends don't care if my hair is a mess, they just want me to show up.

No one cares but me.

When I enter a room no one tries to guess my weight or scoffs that my hair hasn't been fixed in days. If they do, they aren't my people.
Because my people don't care, they just want me.

I'm going to love myself the way my people love me. I'm going to put less value in size, shape, and weight, and more value in being present.

I'm going to intentionally see myself through the lenses my 13 year old saw me through as I read to her little brother.

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